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Anogia: the famous and historical town of Grete located at about 800 meters altitude,
39 km from Heraklion airport and 123 km from Hania airport.
One of the highest towns in the island of Crete.
2.500 people live in Anogia.
Close to Ida mountain (Psiloritis, 2456 m) and Idaio Andro cave (Zeus rearing place) and famous for history, tradition especialy in music, hospitality, archaeology and landscape, Anogia is an all year round place to visit and you have so many reasons to do. ''PRASINI FOLIA'' offers a unique ecperience to guests with 6 apartments and studios. All of them are decorated with very precious and authentic handmade textiles of Anogia, many decades old.

About us

''Prasini Folia''. For three decades ''Prasini Folia'' had been a legendary Tavern in Anogia. It was founded by Georgios and Evaggelia Kalomiris at the begining of 1970s and became the reason that tourists came for first time in Anogia at the begining of '70s. ''Prasini Filia'' conected its name with the cultural and economic development of Anogia in the ΄70s ΄80s and ΄90s mainly culminating in the famous ''Musical Competitions of Anogia'' by Manos Hadjidakis the world famous music contuctor. All the famous artists and visitors of that time had been customers in ''Prasini Folia''. Nowadays ''Prasini Folia'' is turned to a pansion and has been running by the son of Georgios and Evaggelia, Yiannis Kalomiris and his wife Ioanna Kalogeraki. Our property is located at Anogia village on main street named ''Mihali Skoula'' at ''Perahori''. ''Perahori'' is the name of the last neighborhood of Anogia that visitor pases through traveling from Heraklion to Rethymnon. 3 stone made arches dominate on facade of the main building.Two apartments, located at first floor, a large terrace with great view to the hills and hole neighborhood are waiting to offer you a pure great stay. In the ground floor four oneplan apartments are located also, sharing a large terrace and offering the feeling of neighbourhood and a pleasant and comfortable accomοdation to visitors. Studio ''Sohora'' dominates in ground floor offering a fire place and a private balcony. All apartments are decorated by Ioanna Kalogeraki with authentic hand made textiles of Anogia, all of them belonged to our family, many decades old. Combined with selected antique furniture, they call you to discover them and offer an unforgetable experience to visitors. A few meters further is located the house of the unforgettable world famous singer Nikos Xylouris and the central square with church, cafes, textile shops and taverns.

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